Nail and beauty salons continue to increase in number because grooming is part of everyday life. In 2016, a survey conducted by Royal Mail’s Address Management Unit found that beauty and nail salons grew in number by 10% more than any other independent business.

Furthermore, this seems to correlate with the fact that these days, both men and women are more willing to spend money on their grooming. This trend is a huge driving force in the continued demand and success of the beauty industry.

Some may feel that the market is already saturated and the increase in competition may lead to the decline in profit for some salons. Nonetheless, there is still a growing opportunity to open a nail salon business in a less saturated location. For example, you can open a nail salon business at your home as an additional source of income.

Begin with the right skill set

Making your mark in this industry is hard work. You will need to invest some time in training and experience to be up to par with the technicians at some of the best salons near you. If you want to focus on nails alone, you can get a licence in as little as six months from a cosmetology school. Be aware of the current trends popular today because you are likely to have more customers if you can offer these services. For example, you should have the skills for using different types of polish including gel and CND Shellac by Jealous.

Make your space attractive

If you are starting your business at home, then you must have space where you can conduct business. Try to make it as attractive as possible. Have all the right tools and equipment ready. If you have a nice workspace, it invites confidence from your clients.

Capitalise on social media

You can use social media as an effective marketing tool to advertise your business. You can open a Facebook or Instagram profile dedicated to your business and even pay a small sum for advertisements to target the profile of people who may be interested in your services. Take advantage of your existing network of friends to spread the word about your business.

Make your prices competitive

One of the best ways to have an edge in attracting clients is your pricing. Since you will be offering your services from home, you have the advantage of lowering the price because you don’t have to spend on renting a business space. If you are offering excellent services at competitive prices, clients will be satisfied and return as loyal customers. In addition to offering regular nail services, you can also earn money by offering products for sale. Business owners can buy products in bulk at a lower price and you can retail these at a handsome profit.

The beauty business will always be in demand and if you have the interest and skills for this industry, you can easily grow your business from home and eventually move towards running a bigger full-service salon later on.

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